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Here are a few Premium Youngsters from sprint Racing pigeons most select bloodlines of New Young Kittel (son of Kittel) & Blauwe Beer 388 (son of Broer Goede Rode) When paired with some select top stock hens These Youngsters with such superior heritage are available now on our website click the link below


  • Jim Lynch says:

    Hi there I hope you’re all well and your loft is a credit to you ..I. am
    Enquiring do you sell kits of young birds as due to the fact I have no space i can’t keep stock birds meaning the young birds would be flying out stock so looking to start a little family of pigeons ..the pigeons I am looking for would be an all rounder meaning land and across the water .
    Kind Regards

    • John Angwin says:

      Hi Jim
      We are all well thank you , hope you & your family are well too.
      We do sell kits, our birds are all sprint/middle distance out to around 300 mile.
      If this interests you the best time to contact me would be in early January.
      Best regards John

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