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The Angwin Family pigeons have evolved over the years.

It began with Mick at the age of 6, collecting strays with his brother & keeping them at their Uncle’s farm. In 1974 Mick built his first loft and first raced with Penzance RPC from Dervel Cottage Sancreed in ‘77. His early successes came from the Jannsen pigeons (Andri Bert), winning in the late 80s with his star bird, Thunder and Lightning.

In 1991, Mick’s first loft developed into Angwin & Son, with John also taking an interest in the sport. We raced as father and son in the same loft for 15 years, until going to a sale in Doncaster, where we both bought Distance pigeons. When we came home, John built his own loft to put them in. We continued to race as Angwin & Son from the two lofts, just up the road from each other, between 2004 - 2007. In ‘05, John raced his first young bird season with some success, and grew keener and more competitive from thereon in.

After 3 successful years racing Eagleson Busschearts, we made the decision to transform Mick’s lofts into an area for breeding the stock pigeons & used John’s loft primarily to race from. With a new dynamic came the time for a new name, Angwin Family, as John’s 3 daughters & wife, Alison, had all began to get involved with the birds, helping out with scraping the lofts and training the pigeons.

Our biggest achievement as Angwin Family is winning the first 10 positions in the Cornish Combine, setting a record which has not since been beaten. Since this achievement, we’ve developed an interest in breeding the bloodlines of some of the world’s leading sprint pigeons in 2018 purchasing a son of the well renowned Kittel with instance success in his youngsters very first race and now owning descents of some of the best Dirk Van Den Bulck, Leo Heremans and Hereman Cuesters in the UK whose children have gone on to produce top results.