GB23A60928 Chequer Hen Grandchild of Super Sonic Mike (Premier Stud)


GB23A60928 Chequer Hen

Grandchild of Super Sonic Mike (Premier Stud)

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GB23A60928 Chequer Hen

Sire: Super Sonic Freebe GB18P25348
Sire of
1st Club 1st Fed 6th Combine
1st Club 181 birds
2nd Fed Alan Long
Plus many more Prizes

Sire GB16Z58983 Super Sonic Mike
Winner of
Six 1st (no duplications) in a single season racing incl
1st Combine Huntingdon 1,796 birds, 91 miles
1st Combine Chelmsford 1,729 birds, 131 miles
1st Combine Huntngdon 1,383 birds
1st Club Boston 199 birds,
1st Club Sleaford 178 birds
1st Club Newark 148 birds
With velocities from 1,074ypm to 2,244ypm
1st Nat Ace Pigeon YB UK (RPRA)
1st Olympiade Bird UK Brussels 2017
Ymr Combine Bird of the Year 2016
1st Western European Nations Ace Bird
Brussels Olympiade 2017
First offspring raced from him in 2017 is
Supersonic Scotland winner of
1st Fed
Super Sonic Mike is the son of the super breeders
Super Heremans x Dawn Bolt.
Super Sonic Mike is g.son of
Better Than Bolt x Day Break &
Son Olympiade 003 x Dtr Den Euro

Better Break Daughter of Better than Bolt and Day Break

Better Than Bolt
Winner of 14 x 1st on 14 Separate Saturdays Inc
1st Club 1st Fed Billericay 1,385b 154 Miles
1st Club 1st Fed Reed 2,400b 122 Miles
1st Club 1st Fed Billericay 1,339b 154 Miles
1st Club 1st Fed Billericay 1,202b 154 Miles
1st Club 3rd Fed Maidstone 1,405b 183 Miles
1st Club 4th Fed Reed 1,863b 122 Miles
1st Club 5th Fed Billericay 154b Miles
1st Club 5th Fed Billericay 1,214b 154 Miles
1st Club 7th Federation Reed 1,401b 122 Miles
1st Club 13th Fed Jubilee Park 2,420b 98 Miles
1st Club 17th Fed Billericay 1,697b 154 Miles
1st Club 17th Fed Jubilee Park 2,781b 98 Miles
1st Club 20th Fed Reed 2,873b 122 Miles
1st Club 46th Fed Battle 2,328b 202 Miles
Sire and grand sire of winners including
1st Federation, 1st National & 1st Combine

Day Break
Super Breeder
Dam, g.dam of winners incl
1st Combine in 6 generations
Dam of Dawn the sire of
12 x1st up to 2,452b,
1st NW Open Peterborough,
Dawn sire of Tartan Bolt winner of
9x1st, 2nd, 5 x 3rd & Nat Ace Pigeon Scotland up to300 mls 2013
Dawn sire of Brother Bolt winner of
1st from 2,271b
1st from 1,181b
1st from 441b
1st from 368b

Dam: B19-6124683 Golden Girl
Grandaughter to Golden Gilbert

Dam of
4th Section 6th Open 10524 Birds
6th Section 8th Open 10524 Birds

Sire is a full brother to the Legend De 30.
2. Provincial Ace Pigeon SD KBDB 2016
8. National Ace Pigeon SD KBDB 2016
1. against 552 p
1. against 287 p
1. against 209 p
2. against 373 p
2. against 186 p
3. against 629 p

Dam Belg12-6326694 Lady Sperwer
Sister of Olympic Sperwer
Olympiade duif Nitra 2013
1st 2032 birds
1st 2023 birds
1st 1512 birds
1st 1509 birds
3rd 1249 birds
3rd 890 birds
4th 455 birds