GB19N23001 “Ellie” Daughter of New Young Kittel

GB19N23001 Ellie
Winner of
1st Club 1st Fed 5th Combine
5th Club 5th Fed 5th Combine


GB19N23001 Ellie Hen
Winner of
1st Club 1st Fed 5th Combine
5th Club 5th Fed 5th Combine

Nest mate and sister to Natasha
1st Club 1st Fed 1st Combine
2nd Club 2nd Fed 2nd Combine
5th Club 5th Fed 5th Combine

Sire is New Young Kittel

Dam is Keizer Queen

New Young Kittel one of the best breeding sons of Kittel ever,
sire of winners at all levels including One Loft Race
New Young Kittel is a son of Kittel when paired to New Golden Lady
New Young Kittel is a full brother to Golden Kittel and Skittel
Breeder of
● Sire of 6th Open NFC Guernsey 2021
● 7x1st Club
● 13x2nd Club
● 11x3rd Club
● 5x1st Fed
● 11x2nd Fed
● 11x3rd Fed
● 4x1st Combine
● 7x2nd Combine
● 8x3rd Combine
● 7x4th Combine
● 9x5th Combine
● 2x6th Combine
● 1x7th Combine
● 2x8th Combine
● 2x9th Combine
● 1x10th Combine
● 13x1st Club
● 5x2nd Club
● 6x3rd Club
● 4x1st Fed
● 3x2nd Fed
● 4x3rd Fed
● 1x1st Combine
● 1x4th Combine
● 2x5th Combine
● 1x6th Combine
● 1x7th Combine
● 2x10th Combine
● 1x12th Combine
● 1x13th Combine
● 1x14th Combine
● 1x15th Combine
● 1x18th Combine
2nd Section 2500+ birds
● Ace Bird WDW OLR 2020, 4th hot
spot 1, 4th Final 292 miles winning £7000
● 4th RPRA OLR Final 235 miles 2021

Great Grandsire:
● 11th Open 15,000 birds Gary Mc Loughlin
● 2x 1st Club
● 1x 2nd Club
● 2x3rd Club
● 1x1st Fed
● 2x4th Fed
● 2x5th Fed
● 1x1st Combine
● 1x9th Combine
● 1x23rd Combine