Belg21-6207473 Daughter of Witte Dirk and Princess 019

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Belg21-6207473 Daughter of Witte Dirk and Princess 019

Co-Owned by Angwin Family Pigeons and Ray & Darren Hunt


B21-6207473 Direct Daughter of Witte Dirk and Princess 019

WITTE DIRK & Princess 019 Owned by Flanders Collection

Witte Dirk and Princess 019 have bred
Responsible for 12 x 1st before 2021 including

1st 2,826 birds, 1st 2,198 birds, 1st 1,961 birds, 1st 645 birds, 1st 550 birds, 2nd 2,884 birds
2nd 2,365 birds, 2nd 2,444 birds, 3rd 2,128 birds, 3rd 1,805 birds, 4th 1,803 birds, 5th 2,638 birds, 5th 2,559 birds etc

3rd Prov. Ace 2020, 5th Prov. Ace 2020

8th National Ace KBDB 2020

BE17-6063899 ‘Witte Dirk’ Original Dirk van den Bulck
Half-brother ‘BE14-2121212’ 1/3.068b, 1/1.014b, 1/1.036b, 1/784b, 1/363b, 1/299b, 1/131b, 1/127b (same father)
Mother is a full sister to ‘Olympicpoot’ from Stefaan Lambrechts and is also a granddaughter to ‘Olympic 003’ Leo Heremans

BE18-6047019 ‘Princess 019’ out of a co-breeding with Dirk Van den Bulck
Half-sister ‘Het Goed’ 11x prize (same mother)
Daughter super racer& breeder ‘Super Kittel’ (17/330) won himself 12/12, father to several top racers
Granddaughter ‘Olympic Kittel’ won 7 Olympiad 2016 Cat.F 2/2.057b, 4/2.089b, 5/2.721b, 5/2.139b…
Granddaughter ‘Mia’ 2nd National Ace bird MD KBDB 2016
Granddaughter ‘Goede Rode’ Super racer & breeder– won;1/1.637b, 1/822b…father to ao. ‘Kittel’ 1 Nat. Ace bird Youngsters Short Distance KBDB ‘13
Granddaughter ‘Olympiade duivin’ 1 Olympiad pigeon Nitra Cat. F